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    PRODUCTS  REG. Nr:   
    1) Fulviensuur Spoormix (liquid)
       Fulvic acid as chelating agent
B 2928  
    2) Aminocalcium
 Amino acid as chelating agent
B 3053  
    3) Aminopotas
     Amino acid as chelating agent 
B 3052  
    4) Aminocopper
     Amino acid as chelating agent 
B 3093  
    5) Aminozinc
     Amino acid as chelating agent 
B 3094  
    6) Aminomanganese
     Amino acid as chelating agent 
B 3007  
    7) Spoormix Nutriboost
     Liquid, EDTA chelated 
K 7317  
    8) Nutrichem Calcium and Spoor
     Liquid calcium and Trace elements
K 6609  
    9) Nutrichem Magnesium and Spoor
     Liquid Magnesium and Trace elements
K 6609  
    10) OXIHUMTE-K
        Water soluble humic acid
B 3423  
    11) Kalsiboor
        Calcium and Boric acid 
B 2929  
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     The purpose of foliar feeding is to
optimize yields of cultivated plants.
     Chelated amino acid nutrients are chemicals wish make it possible to
     cultivate healthy plants in soils with nutrient imbalances. It is also the
     most efficient chemical to prevent or alleviate micro nutrient deficiencies
     in plants.

     The use of chelated nutrients is effective and cost effective when  
ations are based on specific crop needs. This method
     requires soil testing and a through knowledge of nutrient requirements
     to sustain health plant development.

     Nutrient disorder are often confused with infectious diseases.
     Symptoms are important for diagnostic purposes, but specific
     deficiencies are confirmed by a balanced and correct interpretation of
     soil analyses data and by taking into account critical soil test data as  
     provided by international experts.

     Consult your representative on details of a new soil analyses technique
     and obtain the necessary information on deficiencies of macro- and
     micronutrients that may occur in certain soils of cultivated crops